askold5 (askold5) wrote,

Люблю креативный спам

Вот такого ещё не было, новая тема:

Tom Hans <>

Congratulations, your e-mail is among the 2nd selected batch to receive $500,000 COVID-19 Life Insurance Fund support nationwide through a Rapid Credit Facility organizing committee directive, in conjunction with the World Billionaires Club on the present fight against the outbreak of Corona-Virus, and to stimulate the world revenue crisis. Your e-mail was among the 10 selected beneficiary of today computerized selection with a ticket Number: 04GLIF2020), to support the initial $50 billion donation by the United Nation and $12 billion support by the World Bank.
However, no tickets were sold but all E-mail Address were automatically selected and assigned to different free ticket numbers.
To activate your payment and Certificate of Merit, kindly forward your below details:
1) Full Name:…
2) Current house Address: …
3,) Direct Tel No:….

Mr. Tom Hans.
Secretary General
Global Life Insurance Funding Committee

Всемирный клуб миллиардеров, ага. Глобальный комитет. Генеральный секретарь :))

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