askold5 (askold5) wrote,

Нашел в старых бумагах

Нашел в старых бумагах. Растрогался.
Прикольное было время.
Мы все были молодые.
И мир еще не был сумасшедшим.

"Should auld acquaintance die away,
And friends be passers-by,
Nu Sigma Nu will ever stay
To be our lasting tie.
Nu Sigma Nu where'er she's found,
Holds friendships strong and true;
So, brothers, join all hands around
And sing Nu Sigma Nu.
As years go on we'll all know well
Old age has come at last
Nu Sigma Nu will ever tell
Fond memories of the past.
Our watchword shall forever be:
"What'er we think or do,
from now until eternity,
our frat, Nu Sigma Nu."

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